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Audio Equipment List

Shermann Audio X12 300 Top Cabs

Shermann Audio

Shermann Audio X12 300 x2 Units

We have 2 of these 300W RMS (600W Peak) High performance, full range 12 inch top cabs with compression drivers.

The X12/300 is equipped with a highly efficient 12” bass/mid driver. It features a ferrite magnet assembly, 2.5” copper voice coil, medium weight cone and a cast aluminium chassis. Using this 12” driver at its most efficient in the frequency bandwidth of 70 - 1500hz the X12/300 is ideal for use either as a solo cabinet or with single or dual 15” bass systems - dependant of course on programme material. The X12/300 features a low distortion compression driver operating above 1500Hz. The compression driver is an extremely efficient, responsive device. This driver is attached to an aluminium horn whose dispersion pattern is a nominal 80° x 50 °.

Shermann Audio XB15 600

Shermann Audio

Shermann Audio XB15 600 x4 Units

We have four of these 600W RMS (1200W Peak) High performance, 15 inch, twin ported bass reflex bins.

The XB15/600 is equipped with a highly efficient 15” bass driver. It features a massive ferrite magnet assembly, 3” copper voice coil, single suspension system and a cast aluminium chassis. Using this 15” driver at its most efficient in the frequency bandwidth of 45 - 120hz

American Audio PXW15 P

American Audio

American Audio PXW 15P x2 Units

We have a pair of these 15 inch powered subwoofers. 500W RMS (700W Peak)

Some situations call for a little extra umph from the lower side of the scale. That's when a PXW 15P subwoofer is a perfect call. This 15" powered subwoofer by American Audio gives you a solid lift in the bass area with balanced XLR I/O jacks as well as a high pass XLR output.

Arcaydis Pro-Cab Dual 12 Full Range

Arcaydis Audio & Eminence

Arcaydis Pro-Cab Dual 12 x2 Units

Arcaydis Audio Pro-Cab's (with eminence drivers) Twin 12'' passive speakers. 600W RMS Each, Full Range. Our pair of premium made to order speakers from bespoke manufacturer Arcaydis in Kiddermisnter deliver earth shattering bass and ear piercing treble.

Ashly Protea 3.6SP Crossover & Speaker Management System


Ashly Protea 3.24CL Speaker Processor

In all, the Protea 3.24CL is a powerful, easy to use processor for use in live sound or fixed installation applications combining precise audio processing and superior sound.

The Protea 3.24CL utilizes state of the art DSP technologies, beginning with 24 bit, 48kHz delta-sigma A/D converters with 128x oversampling. Digital processing includes Gain, Polarity Invert, Parametric EQ, Shelving Filters, Time Delay, Crossover Functions, Compression, Limiting, and Signal Routing, all taking place in twin 120MHz high performance DSP processors. D/A conversion uses 24 bit delta-sigma converters with 128x oversampling. All inputs and outputs are precision balanced and RF protected using XLR connectors

Matrix Amplifier (Sherman Variant) 412A

Matrix Amplification & Shermann Audio

Matrix Amplifier (Shermann Audio 412A Variant)

5000W RMS 4 Channel Amplifier

This amplifier is of exceptional build quality produced by world renowned Matrix Amplification, Built in England. It is a 4 channel high performance sound reinforcement amplifier, outputting a massive 1250W per channel at 4ohm, when combined with our Shermann Audio speakers this amp delivers 5,000W RMS of amazing sound clarity.

Warrior 1800W Amplifier

Warrior Audio

Warrior 1800W Amplifier

2 channel 1800W amplifier, outputting 900W per channel, Used to power our Arcaydis dual 12 speakers shown above.

Allen & Heath Xone S2 Mixer

Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath Xone S2 Pro Mixer

This awesome mixer can be found in many top nightclubs around the globe and is well respected in the professional audio community.

Xone:S2 is the ultimate installation DJ mixer for clubs, bars and professional mobile rigs. It boasts Xone’s renowned high spec performance features, including 3-band EQ with total kill, a VCA crossfader with adjustable curve control, and the legendary Xone filter system, which can be assigned to any of the four main channels, plus there’s a choice of either rotary or linear channel fader

Denon DN HC 4500

Denon Professional

Denon DN HC 4500 - Midi Controller & 24-bit Sound Card

The Denon DN-HC4500 is an MP3 controller and 24bit sound card. The unit is able to connect to a laptop (in our case a MacBook Pro) to enable MP3/WAV/FLAC format sounds to be mixed using 'hands on' hardware and producing crisp high resolution digital audio. The unit connects via USB to a MacBook Pro enabling the real-time control of digital media (i.e. MP3). Designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs worldwide. This feature packed professional PC/MAC compatible controller combines unmatched hardware performance with internal high quality audio processing offering low latency ASIO/OSX Core Audio support. - Internal 24-Bit Processing & USB Audio - Multi Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc - Vibrant Tube Display w/ 2-line Character Text Support - Highly Responsive Soft Rubber Buttons, Switches & Knobs - High Speed USB 2.0 Interface

dbx AFS224 Feedback Suppressor

dbx professional products

dbx AFS224 Advanced Feedback Suppressor

This can truly be a night saver. The problem with using high power sound systems in rooms that are not acoustically treated is that when it comes to using a microphone you are going to get feedback, feedback sounds bad at the best of times but especially when your pushing out over 1kW of audio! dbx are world renowned for their signal processors, this unit is often used at many pro concerts at arenas all around the world to help combat the issue of feedback through selective filtering. Many companies have attempted this technology but with little avail, until now. Well worth the money.

Numark CDN 22 Mk5 CD Decks


Numark CDN22 Mk5 Twin CD Decks

Basic, Rack mount twin CD Decks from Numark.

Numark Axis 9 CD Decks

Numark Logo 2

Numark Axis 9 CD Decks (x2)

We carry two of these Table Top CD Players. These are capable of Vinyl emulation and have astounding built in effects, Phasers, Flangers, Filters etc.. Again, as with our Denon controller the pitch and the key of a song can be independently changed, so when a song needs to be speeded up for accurate beat mixing there's no more 'chipmunk' sound! The unit also has 2 built in samplers/looping systems to create seamless loops 'on the fly' to aid in mixing.

Mackie DFX6 Mixer


Mackie DFX6 Effects Mixer

For applications where monitoring of mixes is required or for events including live vocalists/instrumentation, Mackie are known worldwide for professional studio and sound reinforcement applications. This unit is small but the quality of the sound is amazing. This mixer features a 24-Bit Signal processor.

Yamaha HS80 Monitors


Yamaha HS80 M

These professional studio monitors deliver superb clarity for referencing any mix. They are active speakers with independent amplifiers for both the bass driver and the compression tweeter.

Denon DNT625

Denon Logo 2

Denon DNT625 (x1) & Denon DNT620 (x2)

We have three of these combination CD & Tape decks, 1 DNT625 and 2 DNT620 units. These units are of exceptional qualtiy and although old still hold their price in the mid hundreds now due to the exceptional build quality.

Sennheiser HD25 Mk2 Coiled


Sennheiser HD-25 Mk2 Coiled

Argued amongst many top DJ's to be the best DJ'ing headphones ever made, truly an industry favourite.

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