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Lighting Fixtures

Martin Roboscan 812

Martin Profesional Lighting

Martin Roboscan 812 x4 Fixtures

We have four of these Night Club / Touring quality, Industry standard scanners. They boast 11 colours, 11 pictures, a bright 150W Discharge bulb (similar to the bulbs in new blinding car headlights) and can strobe. The units integrate with our dedicated computer based lighting control system to produce an outstanding synchronised light show that sweeps the whole room.

As used by many top night clubs around the globe!

iMove5 S Discharge Moving Head

Acme iSolution by Prolight

ProLight Acme iMove 5s x2 Fixtures

This is a powerful 150W Discharge version of the iMove 5 professional moving head effect. This unit boasts amazing features, capable of strobing in any colour, changing images, independently changing colours and is capable of scanning every corner of a room, The effect of these beasts just needs to be seen to be believed! Again, The units integrate with our dedicated computer based lighting control system to produce an outstanding synchronised light show

As used by Many Nightclubs nation wide!

Acme Super Scimitar

Acme Lighting

Acme Super Scimitar x2 Fixtures

We have a pair of these awesome 250w Halogen barrel scanners, these lights can change colour and picture and strobe and connect with our lighting control hardware to provide a synchronised light show of night club standards.

ACME Dynamo Scanner

Acme Effects

Dynamo Scans x4 Fixtures

Set of four dynamo scans, at only 100w per fixture the light output from these gives most 250w scanners a run for their money thanks to the optical lenses within. These units are capable of changing colour and picture along with strobing and scanning the room, again all of these fixtures interlink using our lighting control system through a protocol known as DMX to generate an astounding light show.

KAM 800S RGB LED Strip

KAM Lighting

KAM LED 800S x2 Fixtures

We have a pair of these versatile RGB LED strips. These strips are unbelievably bright when set to full output, ideal for creating venue colour washes. When a more subtle effect is required they can be dimmed and interlinked with our existing lighting systems to further enhance any lighting sequences with their unique ability to produce thousands of shades of vibrant coloured light. Features include multi segment RGB mixing, full dimming, sound to light and strobe effects up to an insanely fast 30 flashes per second!

NJD Datamoon 250W

NJD Lighting

NJD Datamoon x2 Fixtures

The Datamoon is a 250w high light output intelligent projector. This unit is capable of changing image, colour and strobing along with possessing the ability to twist and turn to the beat of the music. Again, operates through DMX which enables it to communicate with all of the other effects to produce a synchronised light show.

Source Starblade 250W Gobo Flower

Source Manufacturing Lighting

Source Starblade

A 250w scanning gobo flower, capable of changing image and colour along with scanning a room.

Constella Chameleon 5

Constella Lighting UK

Constella Chameleon 5

A basic 250w projector that is able to project changing coloured slides that contract and rotate to the music.

Chauvet Octopus Lighting Fixture

Chauvet Lighting Logo

Chauvet Octopus

Boasting two 500w halogen bulbs, 1000w OF LIGHT! This is a high power 'double derby' stand alone lighting effect. It produces razor sharp blinding beams of multicoloured light that carousel around each other to the beat of the music. A truly dazzling effect.

Scanning Moonflower

Moonflower Effect

Scanning Moonflower

Produces coloured 'slices' that twist and scan the room to the beat.


Chaser Logo

SoundLAB Chaser

A classic 4 channel chaser light, now relegated to larger functions bearing a dark corner or for lighting up a backdrop behind the DJ.

LED Starcloth Deck Skirt

Prolight LEDJ Logo

Prolight LEDJ Starcloth

Used to hide unsightly cables this intelligent sheet gives the effect of a twinkling starry night only with stars that can strobe and pulsate to the music!

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