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Misc Equipment List

Ultimax Trusslite Goalpost


Ultimax TrussLite Goalpost System

A complete portable trussing system for the most demanding of mobile applications, 4.5m of Mobile Rig Trussing (Can be used as 1.5m and 3m spans) No Plastic Parts All Metal Construction Cannot Slip Once Erected Complete with all Castings Features 4.5m of Mobile Rig Ladder trussing which is extremely strong and yet packs flat for easy transport, supported by 2 Ultimax SureLOC tripods, with antislip mechanisms. Lighting and other fixtures can be attached using G Clamps

QTX FX1000 Haze Machine

QTX Light & FX

QTX Hazer FX1000

This professional haze machine is the ultimate fine mist generator. Radically different in its construction from a traditional haze machine, this unit can quickly and smoothly develop a pre-determined level of haze and maintain it consistently. Control is achieved by 2-channel DMX or via the included remote control/timer. This product has been specifically developed for professional installations and high-end DJ applications

KAM KWM1940 Twin UHF Radio Mics


KAM KWM1940 Twin UHF Radio Mic Set

Portable dual UHF wireless mic kit with long range, good battery life and professional sound quality.

V2GO 100 Plus Karaoke Player

V2GO & Sunfly

V2GO 100 Plus Karaoke Player & Sunfly Track Collection

GO-100+ Professional Multi-format Video/Karaoke Player with new features. The GO-100 plus is a professional multi-format player providing 1080P video output and high-fidelity karaoke sound. Easy-access backlit controls and quick loading speed on 1TB hard drive makes the GO-100 plus the priority choice for those who love karaoke.

We have several thousand premium Sunfly backing tracks and even more from Pioneer. For more information please check out our Karaoke information section.

Transcension DMX Operator 2

Transcension Lighting Control

Transcension DMX Operator 2

Comprehensive lighting controller for up to 12 scanners with a maximum of 16 DMX addresses per scanner.

Now primarily used as a back up lighting and haze controller since our implementation of PC based 'Freestyler' & 'Pangolin'

Freestyler PC Lighting Control & DMX Interface

Freestyler DMX

Freestyler DMX Lighting Software & Interface

We use a separate dedicated PC tower for lighting control. All of our fixtures are controlled and programmed using a DMX to USB interface and Freestyler lighting control software. The software is even incorporated into our smart phones to enable light sequence changes to be carried out remotley.

This software enables us to create truly Nightclub/Superclub quality light shows utilising all of our intelligent lighting fixtures.

Pangolin Quick Show Laser Show Designer & Flashback 3 Interface

Pangolin Laser Software

Pangolin QuickShow & Flashback 3 Interface

We use industry standard 'Pangolin' laser control software for all of our RGB laser applications, again run on our dedicated lighting PC tower.

Pangolin QuickShow is a complete laser system. It is capable of graphics as well as beam effects. It has everything you need for a modern laser light show.

Traktor Scratch Pro & MacBook Pro

Native instruments Traktor Scratch Pro

Native Instruments - Traktor Scratch Pro

Macbook Pro

For all of our digital DJ'ing applications we run Traktor Scratch pro on a Macbook Pro. The software is controlled using a Denon DN HC 4500 Midi Controller that also combines as a 24-Bit sound card. This is then mixed externally with our Allen & Heath Xone S2 Mixer and then routed to our sound reinforcement equipment.

Various Additional Equipment

We also carry several T-Bar and rigging systems, safety chains, G-Clamps, XLR Leads, Cable Testers, VGA & HDMI Monitors, extension leads, Tower PC, Laptop, USB Splitters, Extra Mics, Headphones, Lamps, Fuses, Flight Cases Etc..

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