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Laser Systems

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1,200mW RGB Laser System

We currently own 5 laser systems, however, our latest investment completely over shadows nearly all lasers marketed to the DJ community. This 1,200mW laser system has to be seen! This has the ability to mesmerize any audience of any age for literally hours. The ability of high output lasers with a rapid scan speed to create tumbling blocks of crisp vivid colour in mid air is something strangely beautiful and unique.

Laser systems generate their images, text and atmospherics one point at a time, the more points a laser can 'scan' in a second the smoother and more visually pleasing the projection is, it will also allow more complex graphics to be produced. The typical laser marketed to mobile DJ's would be rated at 60mW-100mW in power and would have a scan speed around 15kpps - 20kpps (kpps = thousand points per second) for the more 'High End' versions. This laser is capable of scanning at over 40kpps!

This gives the impression of solid walls of light with little flicker and also means it can easily cope with complex custom graphics and fluid animations....yes you read right.. Custom graphics and animations!!

Imagine your Wedding day, the Hotel is decorated to perfection, Disco is ready set-up and looks neat and professional, your guests have had an amazing day and meal, then its time to start the night. The bride and groom are invited up to share their first dance, the lights are dimmed, all the cameras come out and your spotlighted on the dancefloor with your names projected, almost 'etched' into the wall using white laser light "Mr. & Mrs Smith" overlayed with a dancing bride and groom.

A Truly unique service that will stick in the mind of you and your guests.



Other Laser Systems

Equinox - Aries (200mW RGY)

The predecessor to our RGB beast! The Equinox aries is a 200mW Red Green and Yellow colour mixing laser system capable of producing simple graphics and text, along with typical laser beam effects. The laser has a relatively high scan speed in comparison to similar units marketed to the disco industry.



Starcluster Laser

Within our possession we also have a Red & Green high power Starcluster laser system. This produces visual effects similar to fireworks that fill a venue and twist, explode and dissipate to the music.


We also have two other basic laser systems, a 60mW Dual Green and a 30mW Single Green. Since the purchase of the RGY & RGB systems these are rarely used at functions as they tend to 'take away' from the polished synchronised visual effect.



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